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Attention Collins Crime Club Enthusiasts

John Curran, from Dublin, is working on a comprehensive book about Collins Crime Club mysteries entitled, “The Hooded Gunman.” I have been told that it will be available for purchase on Sept 19, 2019. Mr. Curran wants to include images of every Crime Club dust jacket that was ever published. In conjunction with his efforts, I’m trying to create facsimiles for every Crime Club dating through 1975.  Mr. Curran and I have been working together to access as many of these images as possible, but we are still lacking a few.

Therefore, we would like to enlist your help.  Below is a list of the Collins Crime Club titles we are missing.  We lack only seven first edition titles (we have reprints of four of these titles, but would prefer first editions). We are anxious to get scans of the ones we are missing; especially those that we don’t even have reprints of. If you have any of the titles and would be willing to scan the dust jacket or have it scanned for us, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact me at mark@dustjackets.com or call me at 1-415-665-1068, so that I can give you the specifications we would need to have workable scans.   We would like to get these as soon as possible in order that these jackets can make it into this new publication.  However, I would gratefully take them whenever they become available.

I will gladly pay all costs involved and extend you credits for our facsimiles in appreciation for your help.

Q.E.D., A Colonel Gore Case               by Lynn Brock                     1930  (I have the 3/6 net reprint) Still need scans of a 1st printing.
The Hardway Diamonds Mystery       by Miles Burton                   1930  (I have the 3/6 net reprint) Still need scans of a 1st printing.
Death of Mr. Dodsley                           by John Ferguson               1937  (I have the 3/6 net reprint) Still need scans of a 1st printing.
R.I.P.                                                    by Philip Macdonald            1933  (I have the 3/6 net reprint) Still need scans of a 1st printing.
Mystery in Kensington Gore               by Martin Porlock                1932 (mostly need front flap) but could use scans of the entire jacket.
The Deadly Sunshade                         by Phoebe Atwood Taylor   1941 (only need back flap)



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